Caroline is now available for one-on-one mentoring!

What to expect: tangible, practicable advice you can go home with and apply immediately. This isn’t theory: this is practice! You’ll learn a TON while having lots of fun :)

For the love of photography workshop

beginning photographer: a 1h workshop to help you understand YOUR camera, how it works, and a few beginning tips on how to look for light & compose a solid photograph. – $300. The perfect birthday gift!

Professional photographer mentoring

Secrets of a wedding pro: how to leverage the right tools to grow your business – a 2h workshop: $450
I cover:
– how to believe and showcase products that enhance each photograph
– how to articulate and expand your unique artistic vision and value proposition
– how to optimize your workflow so you spend more time doing the things you love
– which secret tools make it all happen
*email for availability*

The Ultimate Photography business workshop – a 4h, one-on-one comprehensive mentorship: $1,000
You’ll learn:
Marketing 101
Marketing is about defining your audience and catering to them. I will cover:
– what’s a target market, and how do you find yours?
– the simple secret to know who your style appeals to.
– how to transform what people like into benefit statements that resonate with your clients.
– how to start building a brand, and what that actually means, from shoe choice to website choice
Online Marketing & Advertising 101
– what is SEO, and why should I care?
– 5 tricks to get you to rank higher in the search terms that matter for you
– Advertising: where, and what, is good (or terrible) for you – includes talking about Google ads, Facebook ads, sponsored listings like The Knot, print ads
Public Relations 101
The 3 steps to be successful in PR: planning for publication, getting published, and translating your published work into sales
Photographers will learn:
– what editors are looking for
– what steps to take to enhance your chances of getting published
– which tools to use to get you there
– how to get the most of your published work, and how to translate it into sales
*email for availability*

Private mentoring

Ask about private mentoring – I’ll come to you and we’ll go over any topic of your choice – starting at $3,000.

I am also available for Skype consultations. Starts at $500/hour – a great investment for your business or passion. This is the most popular option because it’s 100% tailored to your business needs.


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