Getting your wedding published in a magazine

What makes a wedding magazine worthy? We get that question quite a bit, so we thought we’d talk about what your wedding should have to be published.
Magazine weddings, or editorial style weddings, are very heavily focused on a theme, and on details. These are the three key ingredients to have an editorial wedding.

Picking a theme
The theme of your wedding should be something that is unique and distinguishes your very own sensibilities. It can be inspired by a decade, like a 1940s inspired wedding, by the love a place that is near to you, like a farm wedding, or by an activity or product you really love, like a wine inspired wedding. That theme should be consistent between all the elements.

If there is one thing you cannot take back on your wedding day, it’s time. Providing enough time for your photographer to take breathtaking photographs is essential! Involve your photographer very early into the scheduling process to ensure you provide the right mix of light and time required to craft truly unique photographs.

Details, details, details
We can’t say this enough: for magazines, it’s all about unique and consistent details. Lots and lots and lots of them. Must haves for magazines:
– a wedding sign (think “wedding over here! reception over here!” sign)
– original lighting – especially for the reception. Think projection against walls, on the floors, on the ceiling
– draping and other dramatic architectural elements
– fresh and colorful floral elements (including bouquets)
– exceptional ceremony elements (decoration around the altar, decoration on the chairs, beautiful end caps, intriguing seating for guests)
– original transportation (think 1940s car, for a 1940s themed wedding)
– unique centerpiece elements (such as dramatic centerpieces)
– interesting flower girl details (hearts instead of petals, unique twist on the basket)
– special presentation of appetizers, foods and desserts served
– themed menus, couple’s magazines, maps to the venue, escort cards/name cards
– elegant men’s details, such as beautiful boutonnieres (think feathers for eg for the 1940s wedding), fun socks, classy watches, and other element
– unique elements such as ice sculptures, special performers
– custom made cake topper

details of a published wedding