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What wedding emergency kit?

Sep . 13 . 2011
  Your wedding preparations on the way, the list is only getting longer and longer (how did that happen anyway??), and now you’re seeing this...
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Your wedding preparations on the way, the list is only getting longer and longer (how did that happen anyway??), and now you’re seeing this post and thinking – WHAT wedding emergency kit? Nothing a glass of wine can’t solve right?

Well… not so fast. Your wedding is a little like any other day, except you can’t just go back home real quick if something happens. Worry not – a little preparation will go a long way into making your big day go smoothly. Put it together and label a box with “Emergency kit”, ask a relative or bridesmaid to keep it in their car, and you’ll be set to go.

So, here’s what your DYI wedding emergency kit should consist of:

  • kleenexes. Don’t deny it, mom/friend/your husband might need it.
  • Needle and thread. I actually used that on my wedding day when my sister’s strap fell off 30 minutes before going down the aisle. That, and last month, I had the pleasure of sewing a groom’s button right before the ceremony as well. Trust me: you can’t just go out to your guests and ask to borrow a needle and thread – better to have it ready.
  • tide-to-go. You know why. Don’t ask.
  • safety pins. If you’ve got a train on your dress, you’ll actually most likely need several of those. It happens every time – you’re having a blast on the dance floor with your guests. They’re having a blast. Someone steps on your dress. And riiiippppp – there goes the piece of fabric that tied your train together. Safety pins are you friend.
  • band-aids. Not for cuts or scratches… for your feet. We both know you’ve got a cute pair of shoes, and a pair of flats – let’s face it though, by the time you get to the flats, it’ll be too late. And there come bandaids to the rescue!
  • a bottle of water. It’s a really exciting day, which means you’ll get thirsty before you know it. Carry water with you if you can, and have back up water. It’s a fine balance though – drink too much right before putting the dress on and you’ll find yourself trying to go to the bathroom in it (not always that easy)

There you have it! One trip to the grocery store or convenience store should settle it!

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