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3 dress mistakes that keep you up at night

Feb . 23 . 2011
Jinza Couture Wedding Dress We’ve all woken up at night from this nightmare: something went wrong with THE wedding dress. It got ripped. It got...
Jinza Couture wedding dress
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Jinza Couture wedding dress

Jinza Couture Wedding Dress

We’ve all woken up at night from this nightmare: something went wrong with THE wedding dress. It got ripped. It got spilled on. It got ruined by the tailor. It got stolen. It became something it never was. That precious work of art, made of our favorite material, assembled with the utmost care, just *didn’t fit*. Let’s just be real: it was a disaster.

So how do you avoid that disaster?

1. Select for shape, not for how it looks in that magazine
Okay, I know what you’re thinking – you’re a photographer and you’re saying to discard photography? Well, yes. I think photographers who do their job well will make you WANT that wedding dress, even though it’s not for you. Don’t take it personally. It’s like dating – that guy may be real cute, but he’s just not for you. It happens. You gotta know when to move on – and be open minded; maybe that dress on the hanger could work, so why not give it a try?

2. Location, location, location
What’s the first thing you did when you got engaged? Ok, you called your family. But after that… if you’re like most of us, you looked for a place to get married. And that location should really help define the style of dress you’re looking for. A catholic length train at a beach wedding? Hard to navigate. So when you’re starting to shop for the perfect dress, bring up where you’re getting married to your dress consultant, and she’ll probably have some unexpected suggestions that end up totally making sense.

3. Ask for the final-final-final-final price
Every dress shop has a different business model – so the pricing structure will also be different. When you look at the dress’s price tag, you might be looking at the bulk of the price, or just a fraction of it. So what questions should you ask? The main hidden cost of the dress is alterations. If the store offers them, ask how much they are, and what do and don’t they cover? How many alteration appointments or adjustments does it cover? When I looked for my dress, one shop had an “alterations package” which included making the bustle and that’s it. Turns out, they would order a standard size and the actual altering to *my* size wasn’t included at all, and would be an extra $1,000. That’s right: THOUSAND. DOLLARS. So make sure to ask every last detail about what’s included and not.

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